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Why Vidipost?

In 2025, 64% of digital content is expected to be video-based content. VidiPost is an easy way to create video content.

No complicated softwares
No high copyrights costs
High production capacity

Celebrate your customers' special days so that their loyalty increases.

Customize a video for your lover so that she feels special and happy.

Make promotional videos for your tourism destinations so that visitors can customize them.

Celebrate your students' special days and become a big family.

Special Offers

Video Producing

1 Video Template
Free Music
Delivery by email
Detailed Report
Min. 5000 Video

Online Shopping

Free installation
API Support
2 Video Templates
Admin Panel
Min 2000 Video

Template Creating

Video up to 30 sec
Free Music
Video and Images
Fast Render
3 Revisions

Twitter Campaign

1 Video Template
3 Hashtags
Post 3000 Twit
1.5k Customized Vids
Detailed Reports

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